About us and our history

Restaurant Peppersack is located in a building with an interesting history, in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town, in the immediate vicinity of the Town Hall Square. Through several floors, Peppersack has places for large groups as well as romantic corners for smaller groups. Doors open early in the morning, serving oven-baked pastries and a delicious breakfast in the Peppersack Café. Under the Gothic vaults of the basement, however, you will find the Three Frogs Grill with an open kitchen, where wonderful barbecue dishes are prepared in front of the visitors. However, Peppersack is worth a visit for its acclaimed house beer, which is made according to historical recipes. The doors of Peppersack House are open to everyone!
1370 – the oldest surviving written record of two buildings on the property: a stone barn (stenhus) on the left, which belonged to the merchant TIDEMANUS CROWEL, a wooden house on the right, which Tidemanus Crowel sold to the town councilor JOHAN DUDERSTADT. Aita has been repeatedly referred to as a orchard in documents. Consequently, the main last product of Tallinn was kept here.Want to know more about history? You can find out more only on the spot! 🙂